Updates from the Genie team

 September 2020: Genie halfway into its 2nd year

Genie is halfway into its 2nd year (of ten) so here comes an update. The overarching goal for Genie is to increase Chalmers excellence and scientific success by promoting an inclusive culture and gender equality among faculty. We have started a lot of initiatives and have more in the pipeline. We are also educating ourselves with the help of experts on practical and theoretical aspects. So far, in terms of concrete actions, we have provided funding for recruitment on different levels, for visiting faculty, for internal projects combining gender with research or teaching. We interact with the departments to help facilitate local efforts that address culture and work environment. Each department is different with its own challenges and possibilities. For this, we have a ‘Genie-representative’ in each department whom we meet regularly. By connecting the Genie representatives, we hope to share good practices between departments. 

To create lasting change in the University culture, and thereby promote a future that is more inclusive and gender equal, we need to become more aware of gender-related issues in formal decisions as well as in our daily department life. In the first 1.5 years of Genie, we have met many positive people and seen great actions around Chalmers. This inspires us. But we need more work over several years; changing the fraction of female faculty and creating a more inclusive culture take time. Unfortunately, now gender equality work is somewhat hampered both by the economic problems at Chalmers and by corona restrictions. We worry how these things will affect short and long-term efforts to improve gender equality at Chalmers. Still, a bright spot to bring up is a new mentorship program at Chalmers (organized by WiSE and WWAQCT, with some funds from Genie) that just had its kickoff and includes 28 mentor-mentee pairs, all females​.

In terms of data analysis, which is an important part of Genie, we have now published gendered data for positions (departments, division), sick leave and salaries for 2019​ and a summary of differences to the 2018 data. We have also done a first analysis of the extra employee survey questions we added last year that intended to capture ‘culture’. We will soon see the results for the same questions in this year’s survey. Finally, with the help of Genie’s advisor Professor Liisa Husu, we have started to create a library with scientific resources around gender equality in academia. If you have time, there is plenty of new information to look at.

Feel free to contact us any time with comments, suggestions, or if you want to talk individually with us – both Chalmers employees and people from other places in academia. To sign up on Genie’s email list, send your email to genie@chalmers.se.

All the best
Pernilla, Mary and Maria for Genie

Published: Wed 30 Sep 2020.