Updates from the Genie team

Summer greetings from Genie

So the internal Genie call is out with a deadline in the end of September. As many of you have asked, I say it here too: It does not have to be a gender-focused project. The proposal should benefit gender equality, but there are many ways to do that. For example, it could be that it involves promoting or hiring of a woman but the actual work is a research project in your expert area. We are open for creative ideas. And ask us if you feel insecure.

We have also got approved changes to the VP documentation that goes in every fall - it must now include a gender equality plan from each department. Genie can support you (we would like to!) in this work with suggestions from our toolbox and via discussions. Also helpful is the fact that you get 2 MKr to aid in the work. If you have ideas, talk to the leaders in your department.

We are happy to get suggestions for what you think Genie should do more, in addition to help each department get going with (more) gender equality efforts. So think about that when you are relaxing in the sun this summer. 

We are thinking about how to get mentorship programs up and running. We know several of you want mentors. One thing is to get volunteers that can act as mentors and the other is how to practically do this to make it meaningful. Likely, different environments want different types of mentorship set-ups. If you have ideas or want to start up something, talk to us!! We also welcome ideas for great speakers that can talk about gender related issues in general seminars. And, in the fall, we intend to initiate a visiting professor program, so please, start to think about possible candidates to welcome on campus. Finally, we plan to start a Genie newsletter and improve the website with lots of resources around gender. If you like to volunteer, tell us. We need help! 

With this, we wish a wonderful summer to all!!

Pernilla and the rest of the Genie team, June 2019

PS. If you can think of another statue of an important Chalmers-related female to make for campus, now after we have Vera up, we should consider making another one! Vera was just the start!

Published: Thu 18 Jul 2019. Modified: Tue 23 Jul 2019