Updates from the Genie team

Genie Open Call was a great success​

Just before Christmas 2019, the reviewing for the Genie Open Call was completed and we notified all applicants of the outcome. In total, 73 proposals were received, with a total of 114 authors. 48 of the main applicants were female, and 25 were male. There was a great variety of types of proposal, and this made it somewhat challenging to devise an appropriate reviewing and selection process. More information about the process and a list of the 30 projects that received funding can be found here​.

It was delightful to see that there are so many ideas around campus that involve gender equality in so many different ways. We hope that strong proposals that did not receive funding are still considered within department efforts. We want to repeat this call, with modifications, in the future, and are open to suggestions for change. Funded projects will be followed up and we will identify ways to spread the results throughout Chalmers.

More to come

Stay tuned! We will soon announce the Genie visiting faculty programme, funds for attendance at gender conferences, and dates for this semester’s informal gatherings, seminars and other activities. In the spring, we aim to work with departments (gender groups, heads) to strengthen gender equality efforts, including finding good ways to use the 2 MKr that has been granted to each department. Feel free to contact us anytime, if you have an idea or comments for us.

With the best wished for a positive, exciting and equal 2020!
Pernilla and Mary,
January 2020


Published: Thu 18 Jun 2020.