Genie in articles and media

​As​ a high-profiled iniatiative Genie has got attention in both Chalmers' articles and in other media. On this page we've gathered some of what has been written about Genie.

First year with Genie: "Many people at Chalmers want to engage in gender equality"

Interview with Pernilla Wittung Stafshede about the first year with Genie. Read the article

Mary Sheeran: Let's get more women into computer science

Genie vice leader Mary Sheeran in a filmed seminar from Code Mesh LDN 19. See the film​

Genie: a new gender equality initiative in Sweden

Genie leader Pernilla Wittung Stafshede writes about Genie in the Biophysical Society blog (June 2019). Read the blog post​ 

‘Largest’ investment by a university in gender equality

University World News writes about Genie (April 2019). Read the article​

Liisa Husu: "There is no quick fix for gender equality"

Interview with Liisa Husu, Professor of gender science and member of the Genie Advisory board, about how to work with equality in academia and how it has been done historically (Chalmers Insidan, April 2019). Read the article

“If you care about gender equality at Chalmers, come!”

Article about Liisa Husu, Professor of gender science, and her lecture at Chalmers in February 2019 (, February 2019). Read the article​

Gender equality a powerful tool for higher quality

Thanks to dedicated work on gender equality, Professor Paul Waltons' department went from 0 to 40 per cent female faculty in 20 years. Now he's a member of the Genie Advisory board and offers his advice on Chalmers’ big investment in gender equality (, October 2018). Read the article​

A big investment to make Chalmers equal

With this powerful investment, in addition to what we already do, we want to correct the imbalance and in addition become a stronger and more successful university", " said Stefan Bengtsson, president and CEO of Chalmers, at the start of Genie (, Juni 2018). Read the article​

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