UN global goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

17. Partnerships for the goals

Chalmers takes part in a number of national and international collaborations and partnerships in the field of sustainability. One example of external collaboration which Chalmers is involved in is the Alliance for Global Sustainability, which is an international partnership between Chalmers and three other universities. Chalmers is also a member of the European Panel on Sustainable Development, an independent research-based network. Johanneberg Science Park is a platform created by the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation and City of Gothenburg on the campus area. The aim is to create an environment which stimulates collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors and other actors in society. A similar platform is also located on Campus Lindholmen. 

Another network that Chalmers participates in is the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, specifically SDSN Northern Europe which covers the Nordic region (abbreviated SDSN-NE). SDSN-NE mobilises expertise from the academic and business worlds. The aim is to create a framework for this expertise so that it can address high-priority challenges and find solutions. The Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development, formerly GMV, which Chalmers is running together with the University of Gothenburg, has hosted and coordinated SDNS-NE since 2015. The network was initiated by the UN and is an important actor in the implementation of the global goals. 

As a university of technology and science, our mission is to produce and spread knowledge, expertise and solutions that benefit everyone, both individuals and society. There are many ways of collaborating on research and development. Examples include research centres and research projects, commissioned research, adjunct professors, industrial doctoral students and infrastructures and labs. Much of the research at Chalmers is highly international in nature, and many projects involve direct collaboration with groups at universities abroad. Many of Chalmers’ research projects are carried out in collaboration with other institutes of higher education and/or public and private parties. 

Page manager Published: Thu 23 Jan 2020.