UN global goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

6. Clean water and sanitation

The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering includes the Division of Water Environment Technology. The division pursues research into issues affecting water in society – from drinking water to process engineering, environmental engineering and sustainable development. To deepen and broaden knowledge and solve engineering science problems, the department collaborates with other stakeholders in the water and energy sector with the aim of contributing to sustainable development in society. 

Water polluted by mercury and other toxic heavy metals causes major environmental and health problems around the world. Researchers from the Department of Physics and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering have developed a new way of effectively cleaning contaminated water using an electrochemical process. The development of the new water treatment method, which has won a number of awards and distinctions, has formed the basis of the start-up company Atium.

At HSB Living Labs on the Johanneberg campus at Chalmers, trials are underway that aim to reduce residents’ water consumption. A third of households’ wastewater passes through the shower drain – and is relatively clean and warm. Why not clean, heat and return it as new, fresh hot water? The researchers have installed a system in the building that collects the wastewater from the showers in six bathrooms via new pipes for what is known as greywater, directing it down to the ground floor, where it is cleaned in a water treatment system. The bathrooms affected are used daily by the 18 students who live in HSB Living Labs.

The Chalmers knowledge centre DRICKS is a hub for extensive research into drinking water – in close collaboration with various actors, such as the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association, the City of Gothenburg, Lund University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and 11 member municipalities.

You can find additional projects by searching the Chalmers research database research.chalmers.se/en.

Page manager Published: Thu 02 Jan 2020.