Tomas Grönstedt

Full Professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Fluid Dynamics

I'm a professor in turbomachinery at the fluid dynamics division of the applied mechanics department. My research interests revolve around turbomachinery conceptual design and aero engine conceptual design. As part of my Ph.D. I developed a gas turbine performance tool, GESTPAN (GEneral Stationary and Transient Propulsion ANalsysis). The full thesis is available at Since then, GESTPAN, associated software and research scope has been extended to include methods for cooling flow prediction, engine design (sizing/dimensions and weights), noise modeling, non-linear parameter estimation, exergy analysis, nacelle drag estimates and aircraft conceptual design (GISMO). Over the last years I have broadened my interest to conceptual design of fluid machinery (2D/3D methods), for which the prime focus has been intercooled aero engines and recently high speed propellers and compressor aerodynamics. My research aim is to contribute to the development of concepts that promise to radically increase aero engine and gas turbine efficiency. On-going teaching activities: MTF171 Gas Turbine Technology TME210 Turbomachinery PhD students and projects: Xin Zhao (LEMCOTEC/FP7, on-going) Oskar Thulin (EURO, E-BREAK/FP7) Egill Thorbergsson (TURBOPOWER) Alexandre Capitao Patrao (NFFP) Sebastian Samuelsson (NFFP, TOICA/FP7) Richard Avellan (NFFP, finished) Xu Lei (NEWAC/FP6, finished) Linda Larsson (NFFP, finished)

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Feb 2021.