Samuel Bengmark

Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Head of Masterprogram, Learning and leadership

I have a background in Algebraic Geometry. Nowadays I am mostly engaged in questions regarding mathematics education, for example as head of Chalmers combined engineering and teacher program, Learning and leadership, by supervision of PhD students in Mathematics Education and as a member of the Education Committee at The Royal Swedish Academy of Science.

The academic year 2015/2016 I was a visiting scholar at University of California Berkeley
At the Department of Mathematical Sciences I have the priviledge to teach students at both Chalmers university of Technology and at University of Gothenburg. Lately I have tought courses at Chalmers mastersprogram Learning and leadership, at the teacher education program at the University of Gothenburg, at enginnering programs at Chalmers.

To see more specificaly which courses I teach, please go to the swedish version of this page.
During the academic year 2015/2016 I tought in four different courses at University of California Berkeley:

Mathematics 1B, fall 2015, Lecture notes, Worksheets

Mathematics 152, fall 2015, Lecture notes

Mathematics 153, spring 2016, Lecture notes

Mathematics 160, spring 2016, Lecture note

I am a member of the Education Committee at The Royal Swedish Academy of Science since 2017.

Before that, between 2011 and 2016, I wa Chairman for ICME-Sweden, which is a sub-organisation within the Swedish National Committee for Mathematics where I also was a member. ICMI- Sweden is also the national sub-commission for ICMI, the International Commission for Mathematical Instruction. Through ICME-Sweden I was responsable for the Klein Conference wiich is organized together with Institut Mittag-Leffler och the Sedish National Committee for Mathematics and which is financed by Brummer & Partners.
Within the area of Mathematics Education I also collaborate with persons from Mathematics at The Royal Institute of Technology and MND at University of Umeå. I also co-supervise a PhD-students together with faculty from University of Gothenburg.

Since 2008 I am involved a collaborative project, CESA, with Star for Life and students at the Software Engineering program at Chalmers. The purpose is the supply rural schools in South Africa with computers and basic education on how they can be used. 

Published: Thu 02 Apr 2020.