Jakaria Rahman

Bibliometric Analyst

He works as Bibliometric Analyst at the Department of Communication and Learning in Science at Chalmers University of Technology. He works on analyzing publications impact and research collaborations, developing publication strategies and policies with university management, departments, research divisions and research groups, and contributes to the university ranking analytics.

He obtained PhD from University of Antwerp in 2018. His research leads to development of new informetric methods for expert panel composition for research evaluation. His research contributes to the academic literature by proposing six informetric methods to measure cognitive distance between evaluators and evaluees using their publication profiles as a representation of their expertise. Earlier, he completed Erasmus Mundus Joint MSc from the consortium of Oslo Metropolitan University, Tallinn University and Parma University.

His research interest includes Informetrics, Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, Research evaluation, Scholarly communication and Open Science among others. He is involved in several ongoing research projects.

Visibility of Chalmers researchers (2020 – 2021)

This is part of a project on data quality derived from the goal as stated in PVU 2020–2022 (Priority Operational Development, page 12); Visibility and accurate representation in publication databases are also important in Chalmers’ model for allocation of faculty funding (basfinansieringsmodellen), and in university rankings, which are both to a large extent based on publication data in Scopus or Web of Science.  In the era of open access and academic social media, researchers must be visible to the research world and interact with other researchers. This project developed a step-by-step guide ‘Be visible in the era of open access and social media’ - on how to carry out the necessary checkouts/updates/completions with a comprehensive set of recommendations. As a part of the project, all researchers at Chalmers are communicated and assisted in promoting the visibility and discoverability of their research output in world class citation databases, academic social networks, and Chalmers publication database research.chalmers.se etc. The outcome of the project is avaiable here​

Proactive recruitment for quality and equality​ (2019 - 2021)
The project developed and delivered a set of well-described and justified bibliometric indicators, together with guidelines for responsible use of bibliometrics in Chalmers recruitment process, method for searching for expert evaluators based on subject area/keywords in the requirement profile/advertisement, methods for identifying biases and evaluating overlaps in research areas between panel members and the applicants. 
Best Practice in Publishing @ Chalmers (2018-2019)
This guideline provides insights about choosing legitimate publication channels that are indexed in quality-reviewed databases and tools for choosing and assessing publication channels. It also informs about factors that make research more visible and influential, compliance with the open access policies of research funders including self-archiving, informs about how to increase visibility in academic social networks, suggest consulting best practice and ethical standards while conducting and reporting research, and ensure publication traceability and authors visibility. Moreover, it helps develop awareness about questionable journals and conferences, getting recognition for peer-review activities, and planning for research data management, and so forth. The outcomeof the project 'Best practice inpublishing @Chalmers' is avaiable here​.

Page manager Published: Thu 07 Apr 2022.