Pauline Pfeiffer

PhD student, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Wilhelmsson research group

Pauline Pfeiffer started as a PhD student within the Excellence Initiative Nano in the Wilhelmsson research group in October 2020. Her research is focused on nucleotide that have been modified to become fluorescent. By applying biochemical methods as well as spectroscopy- and microscopy-based techniques she investigates the interaction of these compounds with biological systems in vitro and in cellulo.
This work is a part of a growing research field to develop novel tools to study and implement RNA-based therapeutics.
Pauline’s research is a collaboration between the Wilhelmsson group and the Esbjörner research group (Department of Biology and Biological Engineering), and associated with the FoRmulaEx industrial research centre.

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Nov 2020.