Maria Knutson Wedel

Vice President of Education and Lifelong Learning

Maria Knutson Wedel is Chalmers’ Vice President of Education and Lifelong Learning. She is responsible for undergraduate and master's education as well as professional education. The vice president leads the organization for undergraduate- and master level studies, organized in four schools encompassing all educational programs, and she is also the process owner of the main process To educate. The process includes all different parts of education, such as student recruitment, admission, examination and degree, pedagogic development, learning environment, internationalization and working life interaction. Maria is also responsible for the quality assurance of Chalmers’ education.
Maria Knutson Wedel is professor in Engineering materials since 2009 and received her MSc in Engineering Physics 1988 and PhD in Physics 1996.

Published: Wed 15 Apr 2015. Modified: Tue 02 Jan 2018