Marcus Wilhelmsson

Deputy Head of Division

The Wilhelmsson group designs fluorescent base analogues for DNA and RNA as well as develops and utilizes methods using these probes to study biomolecular systems. The research aims at developing molecules and methods that facilitate investigations of structure and dynamics of nucleic acids as well as their interactions with proteins and associated conformational changes. Using this novel toolbox the understanding regarding vital cellular processes like e.g. replication, transcription, gene regulation, RNA folding and cellular uptake of drugs will increase. Marcus Wilhelmsson is the founder of the conference FB3.

Wilhelmsson research group

Publications - ResearcherID
Physical Chemistry (KFK162), Lecturer and examinor

Principles in fluorescence spectroscopy (FKBT115; PhD course), Examinor
Founder of conference “Fluorescent Biomolecules and Their Building-Blocks – Design and Applications” (FB3) that was held for the first time in Göteborg July 2012.

Published: Wed 26 Aug 2020.