Krystyna Pietrzyk

Associate Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design, Director of studies the Applied Acoustics Graduate school and Graduate school of Architecture

Design with uncertainties. Krystyna deals with modelling of building/urban performance under environmental load (caused by climate, users’ behavior etc.) to support building design and urban planning. She takes into account uncertainties coupled to performance of different design solutions by applying the methods of risk/reliability analysis. Krystyna is experienced in research activities, in leading projects, consulting Master students, PhD students and post-docs, and in organization of research. She has been active in the area of building physics in application in Architecture. Krystyna is the Director of Studies for The Applied Acoustics Graduate school and Graduate school of Architecture.

​Krystyna is an examiner within the Master's Programme Design for Sustainable Development, MPDSD.

Krystyna is a lecturer in ARK465 – Sustainable Building Studio. Krystyna also contributes to development and execution of PhD courses within ResArc (Swedish Research School in Architecture), Idea League.

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