Kjerstin Ludvig

Doctoral student, Civil and Evironmental Engineering, Construction Management

Kjerstin Ludvig is a docotral student at the Division of Construction Management since 2010. Her research project is called LCC as management concept for sustainable renovation of buildings (Formas-BIC9). The aim is to investigate how the concept and tool of Life Cycle Costing, LCC, is used by decision makers in the context of sustainable and energy efficient refurbishment of buildings. The purpose is to contribute to our understanding of how the long- term perspective is taken into account in building investments, what roles tools such as LCC play in decision making processes and how, why and when the tools and concepts are used.

In particular, Kjerstin has studied how public construction client organisations manage long-term energy demands and how energy strategies are developed. More, the project aims to investigate social and organisational aspect regarding strategic change processes in sustainable and energy efficient refurbishment. Some of the research questions that will be answered are:
- How is the life cycle perspective managed and integrated in strategies and investment decisions?
- How are long term energy targets ‘translated’ into management practice?
- What role does artefacts (such as LCC) and the key actors play for how strategic changes happen?
​Byggnadsekonomi och organisation, IBB152

Published: Mon 21 Dec 2015.