Jonas Ringsberg

Full Professor, Deputy Head of Department and Head of Division of Marine Technology at the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences.

Jonas Ringsberg is the deputy head of department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, and the head of Division of Marine Technology at Chalmers. He teaches and is responsible for courses in the international master’s programme in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (MPNAV) on Chalmers. Besides his own research, he supervises and is the examiner of several PhD students.

Research is focussed on computational mechanics, material mechanics and reliability analysis. His research interest and experience comprises material mechanics, fatigue (HCF, LCF, fracture mechanics, multiaxial fatigue, residual stresses and welds), the finite element method (nonlinear, implicit and explicit), prediction methods for ship’s energy performance, wind-assisted ship propulsion, probabilistic methods and risk analysis, composite mechanics and materials, and Arctic engineering.

The research activities are applied on collision and grounding, lightweight structures, fatigue of marine structures, dynamic response, marine renewable energy, risk analysis and risk assessment, Arctic engineering, ship energy and transport efficiency modelling, safety and security. Jonas Ringsberg’s research is of interest and is connected to Chalmers Area of Advance Energy, Materials Science and Transport.

Jonas Ringsberg is member of the “Lighthouse Program Committee”, the “Nordic Committee for Safety at Sea” and “The Steering Committee of Marstruct Virtual Institute”. He is a member of “The International Ship and Offshore Structures Committee (ISSC)” and has been working in several technical committees: Technical Committee III.2 (Fatigue and Fracture, member) between 2006 and 2012, Technical Committee II.1 (Quasi-static Response, chair) between 2012 and 2018, and Technical Committee III.1 (Ultimate Strength, member) since 2018. He is a member of ”The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME, Fellow)” and in ”The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA, Fellow)”.

He is member of several organization and scientific committees of international conferences such as ICSOS, MARSTRUCT, MARTECH, OMAE, RENEW and TRANSNAV. Jonas Ringsberg is also Associate Editor of the journals “ASME - Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering” and “Proc IMechE Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment”. He is editorial board member of the journals “Energies”, “Journal of Marine Science and Application”, “Marine Structures” and “Ships and Offshore Structures”.
Examples of courses
Teaches in courses within fatigue design, probabilistic methods, risk analysis, reliability-based design, solid mechanics, mechanics, material mechanics, marine structural engineering, research methods, lightweight design and mathematics.

SJO369 - Research Methods
SJO750 - Reliability of Marine Structures
MMA151 - Marine Design Project
MMA168 - Marine Structural Engineering
MMAX06 - MSc thesis projects

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