Sture Holm

Professor emeritus, Mathematical Sciences

Sture Holm, Professor emeritus in Biostatistics has a broad interest within statistical inference theory and practice. During the years from the work with “A Simple Sequetially Rejective Multiple Test Procedures” published in Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 1979, the multiple inference theory has been a central interest, and it still is. A quite new field of interest is statistical methods for ranking of units, which is more and more used for instance in health care and educational contexts.
​A Simple Sequetially Rejective Multiple Test Procedures, Scand J Statist, 6, p 65-70 (1979)
On the Optimality of Differentiated SPR Tests of Composite Hypotheses, Metrika, 32, p 15-33 (1985)
Abstract Bootstrap Confidence intervals In Linear Models, Scand J Statist, 20, p 157-170  (1993)
Multiple Confidence Sets Based on Stagewise Tests, J Amer Stat Ass, 94, p 489-495 (1999)
​​Life Science
Materials Science
Information and Communication Technology

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