Evangelia Maria Thoma

Doctoral student at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Fluid Dynamics

Marily is a PhD student at the division of Fluid Dynamics, Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences. Her research is part of the CIDER (CorrelatIon and physics based preDiction of noisE scenaRios) project and focuses on multidisciplinary modelling and assessment of aircraft and propulsion systems. The aim is to develop a tool that will carry out predictions and optimizations of air traffic scenarios with regard to noise impact, while it will also be able to evaluate interdependencies between noise and CO2, as well as non-CO2 emissions. Marily has obtained her MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in Aeronautical Engineering, from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Page manager Published: Tue 20 Apr 2021.