Siw Eriksson

PhD student at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Siw is a Ph.D. candidate. Her specific interest concerns to how to facilitate inter/multidisciplinary collaborations, especially how users can be facilitated to participate in product development processes of technical medical devices, using Co-design methods. A central theme in her research concerns how users' specific knowledge of their needs and requirements can be elicited my means of product representations, functioning as mediating tools among the diverse disciplines in Co-design collaborations.

She also possesses long industrial experience from, inter alia, automotive industry as project manager involved in international R&D projects, at both R&D Engineering and Design departments.
​Siw teaches in courses on undergraduate and masters level.

PPU090   Industrial Design Engineering-Theory and Practice
LUP585   Design for Emotional Experience (Chalmers professional for GM)
MMF274 Design and user customization
PPU180   Design for experience

Based on her Textile Science education and former experience in textile design and technology she also supervises various student project where textile may have a significant role.

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