Carina Sjöberg Hawke

Division for Language and Communication
Department of Communication and Learning in Science

I teach academic writing and oral presentation skills in bachelor level courses in various programmes but have been particularly involved in courses in the Electrical Engineering programmes. I am also responsible for two optional courses offered by our division, “FSP046 English for Engineers​” and “FSP055 English”. I particularly enjoy collaborating with the technical subject teachers on courses as this provides emphasis to the importance of not only knowing your subject but being able to communicate it to others.

In trying to understand our students’ abilities better and to lift the importance of what we teach, my colleague Maria Persson and I have reached out to upper secondary schools in Gothenburg to start a dialogue and potential collaboration about expectations of students’ writing and speaking skills before and after they start at Chalmers. As part of this move, we presented an overview of our activities and approach during “Ämnets dag 2020” (Gothenburg University’s annual education training day in different subjects for schoolteachers).

My master’s thesis in translation was related to communication in writing, focusing on reader address (in travel guidebooks). I am also interested in what language multilingual writers write in, why they do, whether it changes during the writing process, and if it affects the content produced and the message sent. Currently, I am a project assistant in the research project “Scientific communication and metacognition: Thinking outside the box.” headed by my colleague Raffaella Negretti.

I am part of the team that oversees the English portion of the Chalmers Writing Guide.

Page manager Published: Mon 08 Feb 2021.