Victor Bergh Alvergren

Research engineer and communicator at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Material Science

Victor’s research mainly concerns the interface between user and transportation, both in terms of appeal, understanding and behaviour. He is communicator for the EU-funded MeBeSafe project, aiming to make traffic safer by nudging techniques. Within MeBeSafe he is researching how nudging can be used to affect the behaviour of cyclists. Victor has a M.Sc. in Industrial Design Engineering.
​Holding a lecture and workshop in Ergonomics MMT010
Newsletter MeBeSafe - 510486
Newsletter MeBeSafe - 510652
EU-report EBSF2 - 506989
EU-report EBSF2 – 506987
EU-report EBSF2 – 510765
Master thesis - 250368
Bachelor thesis - 203287

European Bus Systems of the Future 2 (ended)
Aeolix (previously)

Published: Thu 13 Jun 2019.