Anna Lunde Hermansson

PhD student at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Maritime Studies

Anna is a marine chemist whose research focuses on marine environmental effects from shipping, with a main focus on exhaust gas cleaning systems, i.e. scrubbers. Scrubbers are used to reduce the sulphur and particulates in exhausts, enabling ships to continue to run on high sulphur fuel oils (HFOs). In practice, this results in a shift where emissions of pollutants are moved from air to the water. The scrubber wash water, often seawater that has been sprayed over the exhaust and discharged without any cleaning steps, is acidic and consist of a mixture of toxic components such as heavy metals and organic compounds with negative impacts on the marine environment. The goal is to provide a holistic view on how shipping impact the marine environment and, together with other stakeholders, contribute to a more sustainable development within the shipping sector. Anna has a BSc and MSc degree in Marine Sciences with a focus in Marine Chemistry.

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