Andreas Schaefer

Researcher; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Per-Anders Carlsson Group

Andreas is a research specialist in the division of Applied chemistry. He is responsible for the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer in the division and shares responsibility for the physisorption/chemisorption laboratory. He conducts his research in Per-Anders Carlsson's group and focuses on the study of structure and reactivity/activity of heterogeneous catalysts based on transition metals and oxide materials. Of special interest are reactions involving the conversion of CO2 and CO to useful chemicals like e.g. methanol. He is furthermore experienced in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, experimentation at synchrotron facilities, and vacuum technology.
Andreas finished his doctorate (Dr. rer. nat) in physical chemistry and surface physics at the University of Bremen, Germany in 2010. He then worked as a post-doc at the condensed matter physics division at Ångströmlaboratoriet of Uppsala University (until 2012), the Institute of applied and Physical Chemistry at the University of Bremen (until 2015), and the division for synchrotron radiation research at Lunds Universitet until he joined Chalmers in 2017.

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