Anders Nordelöf

PhD, Environmental Systems Analysis

Anders Nordelöf left Chalmers with a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics early 2003 and returned in 2011, more than 8 years later, as a PhD student. As a former engineering bureau manager at Consat Sustainable Energy Systems AB, he has a technical background within electric propulsion of vehicles, as well as charging infrastructure, electric roads and energy conversion in general.

The aim of his research is to evaluate the environmental consequences of road traffic electrification and to support the development of vehicles with reduced environmental impact, using LCA as a tool.

Anders Nordelöf is also thematic leader for Vehicle Analysis within the Swedish Electromobility Centre. He is co-profile area leader for Sustainable Vehicle Technologies within the Energy Area of Advance.

  • Miljö- och resursanalys för hållbar utveckling, VMI041 (2012-2014)
  • Technical Change and the Environment​, ENM015 (2014-2016)
  • Biokemisk miljövetenskap, KKM081 (2018- )
  • Sustainable Transportation, TEK465 (2018- )

Published: Wed 25 Apr 2018.