Sheila Galt

Professor at the Division of Enginnering Education Research (EER).

Sheila is a teacher in the master’s programme Learning and Leadership, responsible for the teaching placement courses where students practice teaching at upper secondary schools.
She has a role as pedagogical developer (pedul) within the educational area of Architecture and Civil Engineering and has a Chalmers-wide assignment to support teachers’ development in the classroom situation, at the university level.
Her undergraduate education is in engineering physics with subsequent specialization in optics and laser technology. Over the years, she has worked a lot with different activities for popularizing science and technology.
​Courses within the masterprogramme MPLOL/KPLOL Learning and leadership:
These courses are practical teaching courses where students teach at local highschools
   CIU207 Learning and leadership in practice 1 - "VFU1" - examiner
   CIU212 Learning and leadership in practice 2 - "VFU2" - examiner
   MCC135 Learning and supervision - examiner - for supervisors from local highschools

Courses within the "AE" programme Business development and entrepreneurship:
AE Repetition course in physics, chemistry and mathematics - sole responsibility for the whole repetion course
BOM290 Fundamental physics, chemistry and acoustics - teacher within physics section

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