Mikael Käll

Professor, Nano and Biophysics, Department of Physics

I am interested in fundamental and applied nanooptics, biophotonics and condensed matter physics. My current research projects primarily deals with the physics of optical antennas and metamaterials made by metal nanostructures that support so-called surface plasmon resonances. The primary objective of these studies is to pave the wave for new applications, in particular in the area of molecular analysis and biosensing. I am also involved in research on light toxicity in yeast, as a model system for eucaryotic cells, and I have previously worked on strongly correlated electron systems, such as high-Tc superconductors. I am currently Deputy Dean at the Department of Applied Physics and in this capacity I am engaged in developing and improving the research infrastructure and research quality at the department and within Chalmers at large. My research activities are primarily funded by the Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation (through a project grant and a Wallenberg Scholar award), the Swedish Research Council (through a project grant and the Linnaus Center SUPRA), the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (through a framework grant in materials science) and through Chalmers Nanoscience Area of Advance.

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Published: Mon 13 Jan 2020.