Targeted delivery of nanoparticles using carriers

​Nanotechnology – a way to prevent and treat diseases

Solubility is a big challenge in drug development. In the same way a spoon of sugar dissolves faster than a big lump of sugar in your coffee – a finely divided drug is more rapidly absorbed by your body. Nanoparticles of drugs show great promise in the treatment of inflammation, oncology and cardiovascular diseases.
The particles need to be stabilized to control degradation, intact size and drug release using different stabilizers and surface coatings. The coatings will facilitate the possibility of modulating the release of the drug.
Combining nanoparticles with targeting properties paves the way of the future. By specific targeting of diseased areas or cells, the side-effects can be reduced and the amount of drug needed lowered. By attracting a small amino acid sequence (peptide) to the nanoparticle, or in other way modifying the surface, one can direct the drug directly to the disease.
Research questions
• Can we combine nanoparticles with a coating?
• Which amino acid sequence will target the nanoparticle to the correct receptor?
• How can we link the nanoparticles to, for instance, peptides?
• How are the nanosuspensions effected by the type and amount of stabilizer(s)?
• How can these production processes be scaled-up?
• How can the nanosuspensions be administered?
Aim and Goal
We will develop drug nanoparticles linked to carriers to directly target diseases. This will reduce side effects and reduce health care costs. 

Page manager Published: Wed 16 Mar 2016.