Miniaturization of hardware

Start date 01/01/2008
End date The project is closed: 01/01/2013

This project aims to further develop the hardware in microwave based measuring equipment, so that future equipment can be built in a compact and economical way whilst retaining measurement accuracy. The long term goal could be described as “microwave tomography on a chip”.
The development focuses on using electromagnetic pulses to carry out fast measurements on a wide frequency spectrum. As a comparison, the most commonly used method today is using a network analyzer which carries out the measurement one frequency at a time, going through the frequency spectrum step by step. This makes this type of measurement technique relatively slow. The goal of the project is to develop systems which execute measurements quicker over a wide frequency spectrum than is possible today.
Potential areas for use are within microwave based stroke and breast cancer detection. The aim is also to build a system which enables stroke detection in the ambulance. A prerequisite is making the equipment portable and inexpensive, yet accurate and reliable. There are also other potential applications areas which could benefit from this technology in for example forest and process industries. 
The biggest challenge of this project is to design a broadband system which is fast, yet sufficiently sensitive and with acceptable noise levels for the various applications.

This project is part of the CHASE Sensor Project.
Figure: Next generation microwave tomography system. It is composed of a combined functional unit and an antenna array. A typical imaging system consists of three parts: probe unit (an antenna array), signal measurement unit and image processing unit. This project is to develop the functional unit for both signal measurement and image reconstruction. The compact unit is to replace the vector network analyzer and the PC which are currently used.
Aims and goals
​In this project, we aim at designing and developing a UWB microwave medical imaging system based on off-the-shelf components to replace and outperform the commercial instruments in terms of speed, size and cost. The system will further be tested and its performance will be evaluated. The long term goal is to develop a compact, cheap and fast microwave unit combined with a signal processing unit dedicated to medical diagnostic purposes. The unit will undergo clinical tests in the areas of interest to the collaborating partner in the project.
Medfield diagnostics develops diagnosis tools based on microwave tomography such as breast cancer detection, stroke detection and brain monitoring systems, body temperature measurement. The company is interested in diagnosing patients using microwave techniques based on measurements with antennas placed outside the body.

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