Microwave tomography for breast cancer detection

Start date 01/01/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014
Chalmers are developing a new method for breast cancer diagnostics based on microwave tomography. This method has the potential of providing more accurate diagnosis than that of X-ray based mammography, which is the main technique today. Microwaves provide larger and clearer contrast between healthy tissue and tumors, which aids tumor detection. Moreover, microwaves are less invasive for the patient since the technique does not use ionizing radiation, nor does it compress the chest.
At a microwave tomography examination, the breast is lowered into a cylinder shaped antenna system which covers the breast. Microwave measurements are then made with every possible combination of antennas, acting as both transmitter and receiver respectively. Since the microwaves are spread and reflected when they penetrate the tissue, the wave field becomes very complex. The large amount of data generated from the extensive wave field is analyzed with an advanced algorithm that constructs an image of the internal dielectric properties of the whole body part.
The research project focuses on the introduction of clinical tests. Therefore, the project involves various aspects of microwave tomography such as antennas and antenna systems, measuring equipment, data collection and the assembly of equipment on the patient examining table.​

​Charmant: until 2011-12-31

Swedish Research Council: Modelbased Reconstruction and Classification Based on Near-Field Microwave Measurements

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