Postgraduate Programme

Chalmers Graduate School in Bioscience

The postgraduate programme in bioscience provides an education focused on bioscience that is open to postgraduate students belonging to one of the departments at Chalmers University of Technology that have approved faculty advisors and examiners in the subject area. Currently these include Chemical and Biological Engineering, Applied Physics, Applied Mechanics, Signals and Systems, Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, and Microtechnology and Nanoscience. One aim of this Chalmers-wide postgraduate programme is to provide a focal point and common identity for bioscience researchers and research activities that are dispersed throughout the University. In addition, the programme offers the opportunity for students with university degrees in the biological sciences to perform postgraduate studies at Chalmers University of Technology.

The programme leads to the licentiate and doctoral degrees in bioscience, with the possibility of specializing in a traditional subject area. The licentiate programme aims to prepare students to become independent participants in research and development projects either in industry or academia. The doctoral programme aims to enable students with abilities to plan, perform, critically evaluate, and present independent work in research and development in either industry or academia.

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