Hyra Hong Kong

Chalmers Studentkår har i ett brev till den brittiske premiärministern John Major framställt önskemål om att hyra Hong Kong de två sista minuterna innan den brittiska kronkolonin skall återgå till Kina den 1 juli i år.

Brevet till Major
Dear Sir:
We are happy to write to you from the board of the Student Union at Chalmers University of Technology. Our task as the board is to lead the work of the Student Union and solve the problems of the students. In the present situation we have two main problems to tackle:

Chalmers University of Technology was founded in 1829 with only a few students. Over the years the amount of students have increased rapidly and new buildings for the University have been raised in the area. We are now 8 500 students and we seem to have grown out of the University area. The board is anxious to find more space for the students.

Chalmers University of Technology has a goal of allowing 10% of the students study parts of their education abroad. Reaching this goal is considered an important issue because of our geographical position and the tininess of our country. If we want to become well educated students with the prospect to study abroad, we need to internationalize. When we had our afternoon coffee (colombian) a while ago, the president of the Student Union (the one who looks like a crossbreed between Stefan Edberg and Alf the alien) came up with a first-rate idea that would solve our problems and futhermore, bring a lot of plastic-electronic equipment to the Student Union. The solution was of course to rent Hong Kong. After some counting and calculating done by our "Hong Kong investigation-team", we got the report that the extra cost would be too grand to sneak into our budget without anyone noticing. The budget was established in FuM last week and is impossible to change. As the students pay their fees dutifully it would be all right in the budget though to rent Hong Kong just a few minutes before your withdrawal.
Our request to you is hereby to let the Student Union at Chalmers University of Technology rent Hong Kong the last two minutes before it becomes a part of the People's Republic of China on the 1st of July 1997.

Eagerly awaiting your reply.
Joakim Gralén, President of the student Union, Chalmers University of Technology

- Vi behöver större utrymme, samtidigt som vi gör en storsatsning på internationalisering, säger kårordförande Joakim Gralén.
Det brittiska överhuset har ännu inte kommenterat uppgörelsen, vilket tolkas som ett godkännande.

Uppdaterad senast: 7 maj 1997
Till Chalmers Nytt Nr 3, april 1997